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Maina Kageni responds to those curious about his dad (exclusive)

On Wednesday, Maina Kageni revealed a personal anecdote about himself that surprised many of his listeners. The man spoke about the way his father had left him an inheritance after his untimely death.

Earlier this week, Maina regaled listeners with the news of what his late father had left him. He spoke referring to the good example set by his late dad. He started off by saying,

Executors of wills always mess up beneficiaries. In most cases, these beneficiaries (children) are too young, and they are taken advantage of. When my dad passed on I was two. He left a will with very good executors who when we turned 21, everything was transferred accordingly. The executors my dad left absolutely loved him and they loved us. 

Maina Kageni TBT
Maina Kageni TBT

The odd thing about his admission is what he said afterward. Mr. Kageni explained that his father didn’t leave his entire estate to his mother, Rahab. He said,

How come it’s different when it comes to women’s property? Women’s property is never disputed. It’s very clear. How are they doing it? How have you organized your succession, coz men are totally useless at it? Why can’t you leave it to your wife to manage until they are of age?

He then added,

Even my dad was guilty why didn’t he leave everything to my mother?

Maina laughing
Maina laughing

That comment astounded many and was carried by many blogs around Kenya. Did he really mean what he had said? I spoke to the presenter and asked him to expound on what he meant by the comment.

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Maina told me that people should stay out of his life, stating, ‘I am not talking about my personal life!’ That was his short and sweet answer, which is his right! Sorry guys, we already get a lot out of him, let him keep some things to himself.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Back in 2013, the radio host spoke in glowing terms about his father, writing,

I never knew my father… he passed when I was barely out of my diapers… but Mum raised two boys and one girl with courage, set the standards and we never lacked anything… she encouraged us, nurtured us and was and is still there for us when we lost our way or tumbled in this road we call life…

Happy Father’s Day to you, Mum… Muturi, Ciku and I love you for being the best Mother AND Father to us!

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