Guardian Angel with Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni slams critics of Guardian Angels’ love life


It ain’t none of your bizniz, is the conclusion many celebrities have said about people trolling Gospel singer Guardian Angel for dating a much older woman.

Even Classic’s Maina Kageni weighed in on the matter saying  ‘let him make his love choices’ on Tuesday morning.

Reacting to nasty comments about the relationship between a younger man and an older woman, Maina told critics to ‘leave his love life alone. and let love win. He concluded saying ‘there I said it’.

Much debate has been held online after the Gospel singer and his new catch been publicly displaying their affection by rocking matching outfits and working out together.

The 50-year-old Musila is a mother of three aged 29, 26 and 22 as she indicates on her social media platforms.

Well, Guardian Angel says he is proud of himself as “Love wins”.

While some of his fans think it’s okay to stay where you feel loved, some feel like he should be dating someone within his age brackets.

‘I am proud of myself,’ Guardian Angel respond to haters criticizing his relationship with a 50-year-old

In a post on Instagram, the Hadithi hitmaker shared a quote that read;


“Sometimes the most difficult sacrifice is to abandon the comfortable mediocrity of who we are and embrace the beautiful fear of what we’re meant to be.”


Dj Mo added his love is beautiful comments saying

Hapo sasa keep going ….. ❤️ wins always

Maina is always up for a good love story and responded after Guardian Angel thanked him for being so positive about his relationship.

Ah!!!!! Me I love you guys!!!! Have a great, blessed, warm day!!!!

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