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She can even release a tape! Maina says about Karen Nyamu and Samidoh video scandal

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the trending topic in Kenya -his friend Samidoh’s relationship with baby mama Karen Nyamu.

“Let’s talk about exes who just won’t go away! Karen Nyamu is back to posting Samidoh on her social media pages,” he said. Adding, “Ladies, why can’t you accept when it’s over?”

Check out the comments below on the highly-emotive topic:

Watu wamelala kitanda moja huezi jua mambo yao. Otherwise, Samidoh should give it a blind eye. Some people won’t give in to the fact that you can be happy without them. Watakustalk na bado as if it’s not enough, apost video mlipost mkiwa teenagers mkiwa in love.

Some relationships are hard to let go, but it’s wrong for Karen to post such clips on social media, she is willingly hurting the wife, you can never win by playing dirty, karma is real, you reap what you sow, a little girl seeks revenge, a good woman moves on.

It happens when the woman in question thinks she is the better one. But unless Samidoh feels the same, even if he was to go back, she would live a very frustrated life. You will have the man but not his heart. Hapa ndio unaanzaga kuskia he is a good father but not a good husband.

Exes wengine ni kama kupe Bana , hawang’oki.

Ukiachwa achika maina. This girl hataki kumove on and since she has no dignity to lose she’s not caring. It seems atamake sure amevunja iyo ndoa kabisa.

Fear women who have nothing to lose ata anaeza release sex tape.

Moving on isn’t a walk in the park like some people are saying. When women love most of them love for real. But again, loving a married man is something else. It’s like dipping your finger in the fire consciously when you actually know the end result.

The only thing Karen Nyamu is entitled to is child support. Being clingy will only bring more problems, hurt those involved and at the end of the day, it’s entirely Samidoh’s choice to reconcile with her or rather make her the 2nd wife.

Exes wanaweza kuwa headache bana, kwanza most of them don’t believe you can move on or progress without them. They will always try to win you back and show they have changed of which its not true..

That is what happens when the society brands a woman a husband thief. It’s her defense. Samidoh is not a lifeless object so as to be stolen. He had a stake in it. He did not even mind being recorded begging for sex.

It is his undoing. He is the one that knew he was married and had a family, it is also him that was charged with the responsibility to protect his wife and kids in all this and he failed. Karen is just angry. She will be for some time, so Samidoh should brace himself.

I honestly believe they’re still seeing each other, but Samidoh refuses to acknowledge the relationship publicly & she’s going out of her way to prove to people that they’re still seeing each other & also to trigger a response from him.

Treat your man well & he’ll stick with you; bibi akianza pasa pasa, side chick mara dat.

She want the public to concentrate on her every time ata anaboo.

Ukioa nikama umeawaita ata uchange number watakusaka n kama wametumwa na shetani kukumaliza

To be honest there must be something that someone did you that no matter what you do, where you go just can’t forget. You can’t let go.

It’s not easy for ladies to let go but once we do it’s for real. We hold on to give you men room to come to your senses and because we loved for real. Don’t blame us we are keepers.

Karen Nyamu has never been an ex of samidoh that’s the thing.

Ukiachwa wachika, story ya kukatalia mtu hana feelings na wewe mtaacha madem.

You know the problem with these ladies aka clandes is that even if you tell them uko na bibi they’ll still find a way to lure you in a trap. They’ll make sure mmepata mtoi na yeye as a ransom.

Women don’t love more than one person, they concentrate to one guy who later fails them. But they have already made up with their mind, hata ukimchapa haendi. 

Karen nyamu ni “mûhiki wa mîkosi”.

Samidoh aoe wote wawili. Kwani iko nini.

Sijui tuambie nyamu ukweli ama tunyamaze tu.

Wewe hujui ndoshi ya samido.

Haha these two were never over.

But when did they say they have broken up?

Samidoh ndio first love wa Karen Nyamu ndio unaona she can’t let it go.

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