Maina Kageni in the studio

Maina Kageni ruined a perfectly good proposal on air 

Maina Kageni is surely a hot cake waiting to be snatched up by Kenyan mafisilets.

He is rated among the most eligible bachelors, and one woman on Friday February 21, saw it fit to tell him she is considering being his wife and baby mama.

She was so confident she can trick Maina into marrying her by saying

 kwanza you Maina, you are always taking trips bragging about your money. Do you know I will show you how to spend your money. Mwalimu Kingangi, let’s plan this we see how I can trap him (Kageni). I can kimbiza him apate jasho, because Maina has zubaad, Maina you need two kids to kimbiza you, to laugh like you,

Co host Mwalimu encouraged her saying he will help plan how the two can marry. He said

I can’t wait for a woman to show up at the office with your kids at the reception. I will be so happy we will put a billboard,’

The discussion arose from a morning conversation where Kenyan men were accusing women of using the Children’s court to revenge.

Many men said they felt courts favour women in their child upkeep judgments, when the woman called in to give her opinion.

Maina however turned down her marriage idea saying

‘Who me? Issa lie, never ever, you’re all mad’ was his reaction

Who knew Maina was this scared of marriage?

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