Maina Kageni reveals details of that picture of chopper during lunch date


We were blown away years ago when a photo of the private chopper that flew Maina Kageni for a fancy lunch date in Naivasha went viral.

And we all knew that was possible because he hangs out with the who’s who. So he has all of a sudden decided to open up about his lunch date.

That was in 2015, and you can read the story below.

Maina Kageni Spends Almost a Million Shillings Over Lunch

 He is finally revealing details of that fancy lunch date. It’s not Naivasha but in Karen. Yes, there are Kenyans who aren’t feeling the pinch of life in these times.
He wrote on Instagram while sharing a TBT moment.


This is a Kenyan’s home in Karen…. he and his wife are some of Kenya’s biggest wheat and barley farmers….. they have 3 helicopters 🚁… one is used to take their 2 kids to school, one for his wife to travel to the farm and his is basically for fun…. tukisema Kenya hakuna pesa, ebu we speak for ourselves….. Have a great, inspired day…. mimi nimeenda…. #TBT….

Maina even told Mwalimu Kingangi on Friday about wealthy people saying ‘go checkout my friends compound uniambie’.

Check out the fancy home and the chopper parked in the front.


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