Maina Kageni praises Bahati for pledge to blind singer Denno


In an episode of their show ‘Bahati Reality’ in November, Bahati promised to buy gospel singer Denno a car.

Denno, is a visually impaired artiste who came into the limelight after collaborating in ‘Mbona’ alongside Daddy Owen.

And true to his word the EMB CEO gifted him a Nissan.

This move has caught the attention of Classic’s Maina Kageni who lavished praise on Bahati.

In another episode Bahati said he thinks Denno will win a BET or grammy award.

If we do our part as EMB, or if I do my part as Bahati, on the platform given to me by God, and then Kenyans support him…he can bring the next BET Award,” he said.

“One thing I’m ready to do is to push Denno until he brings this BET Award or a Grammy in Kenya. Wait and see.”



Maina is impressed by all this and said ‘wow, I love this about Bahati’

Before buying the car, Bahati had asked Denno what his transport mode is. Denno said he uses matatus and that it’s challenging.

“Sometimes you agree to meet someone but you stay so much in traffic and the other person can’t understand your predicament,” he said.

Speaking on his reality TV show ‘Bahati Reality’, Bahati promised to help Denno until he is back to the top again.

“I will do the best I can to see that you have gone back to the top,” he said.

“As long as God has kept me on top, I will help with the little God has given me.”

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