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Matiangi hana kazi kabisa! Maina told after plan to limit marriages within police force

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation today was about Interior CS, Fred Matiang’i’s plan to ban men and women serving in the National Police Service from dating and marrying.

“Moving forward, it will be illegal for a police officer to date or get married to a fellow law enforcement officer. If it happens that two police officers fall in love, then one has to leave the Service.” said Fred Matiang’i

Maina then asked Classic105 listeners for their take, even asking police officers who fell foul of the rule what they thought of it.

“How is this a problem? And if you are married to a person in uniform how will this work?” the host asked.

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself was in total agreement with the Interior CS’s plan saying, “I agree with Matiang’i kabisa!”

Kenyans chimed in with mixed responses, with some in support and some others not happy about Matiang’i’s plan to legislate where/when a person can fall in love.

Read some of the comments below;

This thing is not about marriage only Maina I think there is a big reason eg ranking and other delicate issues within the force.

Now the question is where are these people supposed to get girlfriends. This does not make sense. It means the job is important than love. It’s like rocket science hard to understand 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

I think it’s the right decision, I know of a couple, the lady dropped out of the force because the husband was in it too. The family is happy, the lady has explored other options and they are growing successfully from both sides.

This should be duplicated to other professions, coz if you marry from the same profession at a given time you both become bored coz of doing same thing/job and life turns chaotic na hapo dio mwisho wa hiyo doa.

With the recent cases witnessed I support the move. It will reduce the rate of sexual and domestic cases within the disciplined forces. We also call on him to extend the move to the health sector.

So we are looking forward to divorces in those forces. I think there will be a problem somewhere along the way. 🤔🤔🤔

Soon the ban will be effected on all Gov’t departments and private entities.

Yeap. I support Matiangi. Marriage is prone to chaos. Disagreement. What do you think will happen wakizozana na everyone is armed.??

It’s a good idea but how will it be implemented??? Will the same police be used to implement it or will he do it by himself 🤔🤔atakua akienda nyumba zao kuchungulia kama wameoana🙄🙄😫

There is no putting boundaries in love affairs the key point is control at work given period.

Hiyo issue ni kizungumkuti. Na wale wanaingia forces kutafuta love itakuaje.

Matiangi hana kazi kabisaa..

I support matiangi on this Maina, wasipeleke emotions kwa job na wako armed.

Imagine Maina umkopeshe dem wako pesa, unajua ile kitu umesleep nayo, hautamharakisha alipe! So it’s the same weakness having an affair or friendship with a junior officer, it will be hard to execute orders in line with the job…

This is nonsense. Allow people to mingle freely in the age, gender and profession of their choice.

An alternative solution should be brought in. Marriage is one of the unconditional rights in the constitution and limiting it to one is kind of infringing someone’s right.

How will young officers in the force get fiancees yet they work 24/7 imagine those posted in wajir and are kiks, kaus luos ,they can only marry fellow officer . here its only common sense and logic.

I think Matiang’i is right because police force is a very crucial department and when love matters come in for sure there will be underperformance leave alone killing each other.

So what about the relationship that is within them where will they take them, this is like telling pastors not to marry among themselves, this will now scare people from getting married to police

So this is one of the police reforms? Mediocrity in this country is at a unique level.

So now a police officer won’t be allowed to marry the love of their life if it happens to be a fellow officer! Fuck the system, that’s bullshit!!!!

Chances are, you’re going to end up broken-hearted, and when that happens, the consequences might be unbearable.

Kuna mtu amecheza na kitu ya Matiang’i uko kwa police service.

Be clear Classic. Senior police officers not to date or marry across other ranks (junior officers).

The arrogance with house girl akikatiwa na hubby is exaggerated, what about police from Kiganjo, Matiang’i is right. Most organisations have that law, jobs can’t move/done perfectly.

Ni kazi ingine hakuna ama why are we even having this shitty conversation..

How about dealing with corrupt leaders first.

Ni vitu cmerarukia matiang’i iyo n upuzi.

Maina.. hii haiwezi make.. matiangi ats afanye nini.. it can’t work.. it can’t

Geuka kijana ama nikuweke pingu,acha hao watu waoane

A tall order indeed.

What CS Fred Matiang’i is doing is not fair. Let them marry each other. They are also human beings.

The decision is not the best. May be transferring the officers to different stations.

Love is a word consisting of two vowels, two consonant, and two fools.

Waoane tu sisi raia hata hatuja complain, why is Matiangi forcing them on us then he must be aware they are “wild”. Naanzaje kukula serikali mimi.

Marriage has no boundaries let them enjoy.

In police training centers that’s where the problem is, can they be taught also life skills and how to manage their emotions, Not only brutal exercises?

The only problem I see is dating your fellow colleague kwa station .. but for all the other reasons I also need some explanation.

In the Bible when David loved the wife of a low-ranking officer, he organized for the officer to be on the front line of a battle, which resulted in his death and David took his wife. Matiangi ako sawa.

Banning marriages is extreme. They should put up a restriction on office relationships so that they can date out of working areas say a different town or different ranks as long as it’s not within your division …. **

I refuse to have this nonsensical conversation. It doesn’t make sense at all.

Can he talk more of gun galore how his people rent guns and uniforms

Matiangi is wrong.

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