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Stolen goods are sweet, especially if it’s your bestie’s or colleague’s wife – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni spoke on a topic today that I think many heroic Kenyan men have been suffering with. The issue of single women intentionally targeting married men. “If you are the other woman did you strategically target that married man?” Mr. Kageni asked?

Mwalimu King’ang’i himself agreed saying, “Kenyan men are being targeted. These women admire your house, car and the schools your kids go to wanasema huyu ndio nataka. It’s a crisis!”

The comments came hard and first with many men agreeing with King’ang’i’s assertion:

Am not financially stable but kuna sister ya my wife amenisumbua and she doesn’t fear. Ako college and she is just 2km away from where we are renting. I remember a day she came visiting and forced a kiss on me. My wife is just dope n i love her madly.

Even science says unlike poles attract. She’s single, he’s married, boom.

So we personally as men, we are easy target for the ladies the moment we marry.

Maina men are rare species. Yaani we’re few that’s why women would love to share the portion of married men because they’re in infinite number.

All I can say that a tree without fruits no stones thrown at it.

Wanaume wenyewe hawasemi ukweli kama wameoa.

What happened to saying ‘I’m sorry, but I am married?’.

Some of these Men remove the rings.

Kenyan men like it easy things they’ll enter every hole hata ya nyoka.

Lack of insufficient capital among other factors.

It’s hard to say so. The lady will feel like” unamdharau”.

Maina that’s a golden opportunity and they can’t afford to miss it but instead, they will want to utilize it.

That phrase no longer exists,  if you think it scares them off you’re totally mistaken.

Sons of Herod will never say no to free escanunu.

Men are weak creatures me mtu akijileta napita na yeye kesi badae.

Watu wamekuwa fisi Maina…

A woman will ALWAYS go after a man who gives her attention and as men we will NEVER say NO…..A married man is a sign of a responsible person and every woman wants that.

Absolutely true Maina, in fact in a big crisis and the new normal nowadays for Kenyan ladies to date married men for economic gain only.

It’s not all married men but ALL RESPONSIBLE MARRIED MEN ARE UNDER SIEGE….they will forever be targeted because they a sign of good life and that’s what all women want and men being men they’ll NEVER say NO.

That’s the gospel truth. They always manhunt married men to take care of their needs.

Stolen goods are sweet, especially if it’s your bestie’s wife and or colleague’s.

Maina Huku Nje Nasumbuliwa Sana Sanaa. Maina Si Kupenda Kwetu. Its Something Normal.

Like that man has said women are their own enemies.

Ask any man who is married if they ever get a divorce if they can ever re-marry again.

99% will tell you know the 1% will be undecided or on mental state from being driven mad by there former spouse.

Most of this men come with an excuse of “I’m with her juu ya watoto”, they even bad mouth the wife. Then later waki shikwa ana anza kusema she’s forcing herself on me, mimi si mtaki.

Maina tell this men to stop playing the victim.

If a man can afford it, then there is no problem. Be a Muslim about it and inform the first wife. No sneaking, no drama. Do it right.

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