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Why do you wake up your men to talk at 3 am? Maina asks Kenyan ladies

Today morning Maina Kageni brought up one of the most hilarious topic I have ever heard in my life. The morning host with the velvet voice asked listeners whether it was true women normally wake up their husbands in the dead of night to talk?

“Is it true ladies that you have a habit of waking up your partners in the middle of the night especially at 3 am to talk. Ladies, why 3 am?”

The answers came hard and fast with many women confirming this strange phenomenon. Some of those responses are below:

I can’t let you sleep until you answer me, and not just an answer but a genuine answer.

Being a man is the hardest thing in life, one needs to be careful, tough, and thinking properly in order to tackle and answer some questions in a very critical way…

Niliamshangwa 2 am and the previous night nilikua nimelala kwa gacigwa,so akaniuliza shiru ni nani,mimi na kihelehele nikasema ni dem yangu. Upon realising nimemess up ilibidi niact kama ninakichaa,nanikajifaintisha na hapo ndio mambo ya shiru iliishia,

Waking up a man at 3 AM for questioning is like torture. What prevented you from questioning him before he slept. I need to wake up fresh for a new day. Don’t spoil my day, please.

Ladies normally think that’s the nicest time which they will get the needed answers.

That’s when you’re confused and they like it that way, Men be keen what to respond or mute kabisaaaaaaaa.

Remember in school when the teacher asked you a question unexpectedly…na ulikua umelala, you just ropokwa what is in your mind. enyewe ladies are the best detectives.

When woken up at such a time, I will first do a dry run of my life for the previous 2 days, recollect myself n make a decision on whether to engage her or not. SILENCE does good at that HOUR.

Excatly pin yangu Siri yangu ,,,I can’t share with those daughters of Jezebel my pin and password.

Very true, l completely concur with you.

And you might think that someone is waking you for a novena, as you wait for the sign of cross…’in the name of the Father…..'” unaulizwa ule mpango wa kumtembelea mother in law umefikia wapi, & when will it be implemented?

These Idols are dangerous wakatti umechoka unafikiria vile pesa itaingia mshenzi anakuamsha.

Yea to make sure if we are two in one #MainaAndKingangi

Have you ever felt the need to get your shit together in the middle of the night? Hivyo ndo sisi huskia ukikumbuka kuna unresolved issues na zinakupea sleepless nights wakati mwenzako amelala.

Kwangu noooo… Saa hizo nararua blanketi seriously.

Nice music wow! about waking someone why not? I will wake you hata kama ni 1.00.

You better wake me up at that time for sex rather than questioning.

Sometimes nahurumianga wanaume imgn someone waking you up to case and she already has an evidence. At that moment ata unaweza nyongwa tu na mate ukufe.

But marriage is sweet when rules of it are adhered to. Failure to that.. marriage can be a curtain-raiser for hell

Mtu aniamshe usiku kuniuliza maswali yenye anaweza niuliza mchana, atajuwa hajuwe. Naweza mrudisha kwao.

The reason why we do that at 3am is because this man will not be able to lie atasema kila kitu.

It’s better for men to keep quiet and get enough energy to answer hectic questions or remain silent

Maina why would you be sleeping comfortably and am not having that sleep…..and that’s the best time coz you are confused you have no time to think how you will lie to me.

Marriage is stressful! Walai ukiniamsha utaenda kulala na watoto.

3 am is the right, time, on that time he is just from the sleep, atasema ukweli, he won’t have time to organize lies.

If I am in a relationship with you, why should your phone have a password? What are you hiding? The next guy I’m dating has to tell me his password.

Please ladies phones are private and confidential gadgets to men, those who are married sit down and always know that your the first choice about the phone just abstain because it will only make one to be single again.

Maina, only a foolish man can give a password to a lady, somebody your dating is like a pedestrian.

Kila mtu na simu yake period.

Am hiding my things, kila mtu atumie simu yake.

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