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Kenyan women are never satisfied! Men tell Maina after example of Biden’s 44-year marriage

Maina Kageni spoke about the loving relationship that US president Joe Biden and his wife Jill have. He pointed out that Joe had become the oldest president of the United States of America and had been married to Jill for nearly 44 years and through it all, she has been with him.

King’ang’i interjected by asking why Kenyan women can’t be more like Jill, supporting their men through thick and thin?

Most answers revolved around money being the issue why most women in Kenya aren’t sticking around with their men.

Read some of those comments below:

We support the men as the men support the family!

Good morning question Mwalimu!!

Hello good morning Mwalimu, Kenyan women are like confused elements, why? You can find a 16 years old girl married and a 80 years old shosho aty yeye n single mum, totally confused.

This is Kenya Mwalimu. 

Kenyan women are never satisfied, period.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as your not standing, women should learn how to be patient, one step at a time

You should have noticed, before the inauguration, Joe Biden attended a church service together with the wife, so overall it’s not just a Kenyan woman you need, but a prayerful woman Good day.

You will wait for him then after making it he will forget where we have come from….Kenyan men are not worth waiting for and are never grateful!! 

Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

DEAR LADIES; Never waste your life with a man without a vision! A man who gets comfortable with staying in a slum instead of getting out of his comfort zone! A good woman should push you to aim higher! Who hates a good life?

Fellas don’t get married if you don’t have money because these women do not care.

If you can’t provide and protect then you will have the hardest time.

Stop dating broke women, every man needs to hear this.

Where do we found those rich women????? Huku in katambe kutamba……kama hauna unawachwa?????

Kenyan men fail at 20, 30… Ladies if he fails today, just leave him. These men wait on luck.

Let us support each other.

Just the same way I can’t stay with a lady with no ambition, life-goal.

It’s okay, we can import from outside.

We ride on luck in this world, LUCK is everything.

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