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Maina Kageni hints at possible wedding to cute Shiru from Miami 

Maina Kageni is back in studio after a month long vacation that included showing off a new bae called Shiru, whom he said was his roomate in Miami.

On his Instagram stories, Maina a couple of weeks ago, gushed over Shiru in a bathroom selfie moment, asking her if she was ready.

 ‘Are you ready to have a good time?’

”Room mate for Miami……[email protected]_collections thank you for the beach shirt” He captioned

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Maina Kageni’s video got us excited as the bachelor has repeatedly said he will never marry.

But back in studio Monday July 26, Shiru wa Kinuthia was the topic of discussion as Maina asked wedding planners to look for him.

“aki I’m looking for wedding planners”

Excited Classic fans asked him for more moshene about Shiru and he gladly obliged them.

“Shiru ni msupuu, she is coming home in the next two weeks, oh yes oh yes”? He gushed.

He said about Shiru “She is a doctor. Wacha nikuambie, she is supuu. She deals in research, and is one of the people doing research on covid vaccine. She is working on her doctorate and then her Phd. Aki she has money. Shiru is coming home in the next two weeks, oh yes, oh yes”.

So guys, harusi tunayo, hatuna. Get your vitenges ready

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