Maina Kageni blasts Kenyan man who disappeared leaving his date to pay a sh37,000 bill

‘This is the height of bad manners’, shouted an exasperated Maina Kageni on Wednesday morning.

If you have been on Twitter, you must have stumbled upon a thread by a Kenyan dude who described how he left his date to pick up the Sh37,000 bill racked up during a date.

This guy takes these ladies out, they enjoy drinks, eat and have so much fun. But he does the unexpected and he bails out on them leaving behind a bill of ksh37,000.

Here is part of the thread, that will leave you in stitches or upset.

‘Nairobi living- A friend’s friend( a babe) invites me for a drink a few weeks back and later tell me she’ll be bringing friends. I go to meet her and get there before her and order my beers and chill’

Is that a man behaving badly or is it just being mean?


At this point, the chicks have mulikad him on social media.

Maina dug in, responding to this thread saying;

‘When you entertain a lady men, you must entertain her completely’.

KOT recounted their experiences with dating girls, saying majority of women take it as an opportunity to order for things they have never eaten or drank in their life.

He added;

‘Guys if you cant afford it don’t invite girls for a drink. Women never travel alone. Don’t guys know that?’

‘If you know you have a problem just say it guys, it’s bad manners to leave girls like that.’


Read more of the thread below;

Who is the problem here; is it the man or is it the women and their ordering habits?

Girls have you been embarrassed by a man like this?


Have you ever been taken for a date and abandoned there with a bill?

What’s your opinion?

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