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Maina Kageni warns Babu Owino after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve

Maina Kageni normally speaks his truth about the issues affecting the country. The popular presenter has decided to speak out after the latest Babu Owino gun drama.

The Embakasi East allegedly shot Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve on Friday morning at B Club.

The deejay
The deejay

Maina has joined Kenyans in condemning the heinous act and Radio king Maina Kageni has shared his sentiments on the shoot out drama.

“Babu Owino….. that man was unarmed…. you’d better pray that he makes it….. then, prepare for karma’s knock at your door….. nanzenz….,” he tweeted.

The poltician
Babu Owino

CCTV footage from the shooting incident shows how the controversial MP whipped out his gun and shot the disc jockey, who was standing next to him.

Photos of the B-Club DJ who was allegedly shot by Babu Owino

DJ Evolve is currently receiving treatment at the Nairobi hospital and one of his friends Mike Likulu visited him yesterday and shared a video of him lying on his hospital bed. He looked frail.

“Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve who was shot by Babu Owino today morning is in critical condition and is scheduled for emergency surgery to remove the two bullets lodged in his neck at 3:pm today. He is responsive and was able to recognize me by my full names as I entered the room but is unable to move from the chest downwards. He also says he is in a lot of pain. His parents, relatives and close associates were also present. Prayers for our dear friend and may justice prevail,’ Mike captioned the video that has gone viral.

Babu Owino on stage
Babu Owino on stage

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