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“I have 4 kids and my wife’s best friend is also carrying my child!” Maina told

Maina Kageni’s topic today morning concerned the world record feat where a South African woman has given birth to 10 babies.

The woman, Gosiame Thamara Sithole, possibly broke the world record of largest-ever live births if doctors confirm there are no complications.

The thirty-seven-year-old Gosiame claimed to have given birth to ten babies all at once at a hospital in Pretoria.

“Do you ever think of how much it will cost you to raise them? Guys, do you do your mathematics before having children?” Maina asked.

The responses to the questions are below:

A man having 2 children instead of 3 isn’t a guarantee that his life would be smooth or would have been can have 2kids and not in a position to raise.. get 5 and you had planned yourself well.. Who makes sense btwn the two men??

Why do maths,? What can a man give himself including that kid? God is the man provider and he provides according to his riches in glory bt not in man’s glory.

Kanairo kila kitu ni ngarama…unaenda kupanua miguu ati mtoi huja na sahani yake?????who said soo??ama unataka kutusumbua kule facebook na comment za deadbeat???

Mayatima piya wanaishi what assurance do you have to see your children to get to age 28 just take the risk life is all about risk taking

Why do maths,? What can a man give himself including that kid? God is the man’s provider and he provides according to his riches in glory not in man’s glory.

Nkiingia hapo Maina natakaga mmoja but Mungu akiamua kunipea double blessings that means anajua what they will feed on.

It’s fallacy to even think about it.

“Maina kila mtoto hukuja na sahani yake. I personally have three kids.”

This the nonsense phrase which is messing people’s lives,,giving birth without budgeting first,

But when you are poor watoto wanakuja tu no matter how you take protection BUT the rich guys wanatafuta hadi Wana give up they end up in adoption… This earth is hard.

“Maina I have four kids na hata sijui vile walikuja and my wife’s best friend is carrying my child and I have two more but my wife doesn’t know. So in total I have seven kids.”

Omg this caller have got no brain’s!Women should stop this nonsense of best friends!!We know men are weak but why can’t she say no if she’s a true friend.

I thought I had seen it all in my marriage until I heard this caller

That’s why men will continue being poor till they die.

Hii pesa mtu akiwa single ata hapatangi… Ngoja upate mtoto MONEY GO COME LIKE LEAVES… I dont regret an inch.

By the way when God created man he gave him one simple command. Go and fill the earth he never told him go look for goodies because your children are coming.

That situation can’t remain hidden for long. When those kids get older and start going to school, his financial situation at his house will raise eyebrows. His wife will start questioning where his money goes.

I pity his wife, how will she react when she finds out coz the truth will come out someday…

Huyo caller apunguze nyege la sivyo utazaa watoto 20 bana.

This caller reminds me of my workmate…he has eleven kids.

During sex, women know their Menstrual cycle better than the man so blame woman unless it’s a rape case.

Aiiiih huyo yake sasa ni noma.

Children are a blessing u cant sit down and decide to make a baby based on finances. Maina bora u have a kid u are hardworking u can never lack! God will never allow u to lack as long as u are a dedicated parent. Hio ndio tunasemanga anakuja na sahani yake.

I remember there is a friend of mine bibi alijifungua watoto wawili jamaa akaenda missing

Maina if you read the story,the couple were not expecting ten babies,even to them was a great shock,this was God something are beyond control.only God knows.

Now am almost thirty but i don’t have a kid because i realized this men kazi yao ni kuzaa uko inje as if kuna trophy.Mtu anakusumbua anataka mtoto but once you’re paged anakuruka kuliko mihadarati.

Mi i have two children a 12 yrs old daughter who is in graduating to class eight next month and a Son 7 months old now, it was our plan maina, thank God i don’t have a outside kids

It’s God’s mathematics. We do not handle His formulas.

Kila mtoto ukuja na sahani yake but i wonder sahani kumi is abit challenging,just imagining a packet of diaper kila siku na ujabuyu supu.

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