I knew my husband was poor but I LOVE him-Aisha proudly tells Maina

Maina Kageni had a vigorous conversation about house-husbands-men who stay at home doing the housework. He related the story of a woman that he knew from the Swedish Embassy who told him that she and her husband had that type of a relationship and had made it work.

He said that the lady told him that in Sweden was very common. She said that she would give her husband a house allowance from her and that when she retired they now lived happily with her husband.

Maina was of the opinion that it was a more common occurrence in Kenya mentioning that many men were staying at home with the excuse that the economy was doing very badly.

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When the comments were open Aisha spoke and said that,

I knew that my husband was poor but as I said earlier love is blind. I know that the way he was from before. I don’t have a sponsor, I have my own business. I am a doctor and I feed my kids and my husband. He never leaves outside the house and I like it like that.

She added,

I have no maid and I do the housework myself. I wake up at 4 a.m and do all the work that is needed for my kids and my husband. And I can’t hire a maid so she can still my husband from me! Let the haters hate!

She finished off by saying that she valued peace over money. She said that she first met her husband when he was a mkokoteni handler and from that day they have had a wonderful relationship.

Other listeners chimed in. Some of the comments are below;

Me I just need my husband. Hizo shughuli hazileti hela! He has not had a job for a long time. We have had businesses. He helps me in the business. My husband is jobless. I live in a very good house. 35k a month. Let people talk the way they want to.-Aisha

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Michuki did a good job and was still demoted to another ministry. Men should not feel bad being househusbands. I myself have been a househusband for 12 years. Michuki didn’t feel bad even when he was given another job. Men should not feel bad-A male caller said.

I was afraid that the last caller was going to say John Michuki was a househusband. I don’t agree with his opinion. Tell the men who aren’t working that they are just lazy-An enraged female caller

Michuki wasn’t a househusband-A male commented.

I can’t allow a man to be a househusband unless he wants to see how hell tastes like-Woman told Maina.

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