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I was asked why I dated another girl before her – Man tells Maina of wife’s crazy question

Maina Kageni brought up an important topic today morning, that is how heroic Kenyan men respond to crazy questions that their wives normally ask them.

His question featured his own hilarious example below;

“I had lunch with a friend who got a text from his wife saying Kuja na testing kit ya Ukimwi’ How do you reply?” That prompted Maina to ask Kenyan men, “Guys, have you ever been asked an impossible question by your wife? How do you deal with it?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i had this response, “Wengine wanakuuliza ‘utaendelea kulipia Caro rent mpaka lini?”

One listener detailed how his own wife had asked him why he had bathed after coming back from a long trip while another explained how his wife had asked him why he had shaved?

Read some of the hilarious comments below:

My morning made… I won’t ask you to come with an HIV test kit nop… I will buy several brands of condoms…and give u several as I kiss you goodbye in the morning and make sure I keep some for myself.

Do you know vitu zinaendelea kwa marriage sae inafanya ss vijana tusikuwe na hope ya kumarry.

You reply just the same way you respond ukiambiwa ukuje na nyanya na kitunguu.

Mimi niliulizwa juzi after answering a call from my work mate,”Sasa Ni Nini umeambiwa yenye sijawai kukuambia yenye unatabasamu?”

Maina wacha nikuambie i kif up on marriage wacha watu single tukae singlei pity this married men.

Maina I am the wife to the guy who shaved. I just wanted him to wait for me because ni mimi huwa namshave.

I was also asked the same question by my personal barber I’m laughing hard knowing ain’t alone in this marriage journey hahaha tuko wengi and that gives me the strength to move on wololo.

These women’ll kill as one day.

Aki this gender….

It pains though.

I had travel for a long distance one day to and fro and she was aware about my journey,I came home and took a shower and I was asked. Mbona umeoga?

Maina the questions we are asked! I see my family like once a month because of the nature of my work. So one day I went home showered and shaved but now my wife started asking me kwanini nimeshave.

I was also asked the same question cause he’s my barber hahaha ety nany alikushave?

Ili iwe funzo to those who are single as C. Kirubi said marriage is a prison, ogopa kama kituo ya polisi.

Is that not a retoric question? Koz I will Never answer that it’s MY head why should I have permission to shave?

If you don’t shave on time they’ll start complaining how hygienically you’ve failed them…

Maina before bibi akwambie hivyo, lazima akuwe akona information. Mimi fanya chenye unataka lakini ujichunge.

Maina and King’ang’i, the other thing u must be careful about the question she asks coz it could be a way out of the marriage maybe she’s seeing someone else so you must be very careful and also think outside the box.

Anyway, if someone tells you to come with an HIV test kit, that someone has proof that you are cheating, in fact, don’t ask a quiz just go with the test kit.

Yeah and she is warning you to stop it

Maina the moment u hear that statement or that question asked to you, Know u are finished, she av all the information, so be careful on how you will handle it.

I was once asked why were my clothes dirty yet I left the house when they were clean, I continued to mind my own business.

Of course, if your wife tells you to bring an HIV test kit back home just know she no longer trusts you anymore! Just change your ways before it’s too late!

Wives don’t ask something they don’t av a whole story, they only want to see or hear your lies.

Aliniambia heri angeolewa na jirani i told her stongly if you feel like to leave me alone uko na nafasi nikienda job sibebangi nyumba na funguo na pia ata akiniacha atapatana na mwanaume Kama Mimi hakuna njia ingine.

Niliulizwa na mama watoto unanipenda kweli!!!

For me, I was asked why I dated another girl before her😂😂and to make the matter worse I didn’t know her then….

Silence is always the best answer to rhetoric question from ladies and she asks again come up a question of our own and u will leave happily thereafter.

Yes, I give instant feedback.

Maina, that’s a polite way of saying ‘it’s over between us’. Because honestly, that guy will never appear to that woman again.

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