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I’d rather hustle first than die – Maina Kageni told about Covid-19 restrictions

After Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to lockdown 5 Kenyan counties, many Kenyans have been debating the efficacy of the decision.

Maina Kageni himself decided to ask Kenyans what restrictions they would put in place if they were the president and had all the data?

The answers came hard and fast. Some of the comments are below:

Maina upto this far everyone is aware of covid19 and we are all trying our best to prevent the spread of the virus. Lockdown won’t solve this problem. Am tired.

With this lockdown, the kind of SCANDAL that’s looming will be bigger than ‘The covid millionaires’… The vaccine Scandal is almost out! This is Kenya.

Allow free and open economy to work and observe covid19 rules, becoz both the pandemic and hunger will drastically Kill ple if solution is protecting lives.

VACCINATION,VACCINATION,VACCINATION…we have meagre resources the best we can do is focus on the most potent solutions…WEED OUT ALL CORRUPTION IN THE VACCINATION EXERCISE.

As president he would have ensured after closing and subsidise all essential foodstuff kama Machakos county and a campaign to get vaccinated.

Resigned. How do u not lower paye n tax for people?

I would have done the same.

Mass testing and vaccination.

Enforce adherence of covid protocols in place. If it means forcing Kenyans to wear masks so be it. PSV to strictly comply.

1 Restrict numbers in places of worship and entertainment joints
2 Reduce the number of passengers in both air and train travel
3 Mandatory testing at all border points
4 Reactivate isolation centers and mobilize KDF to increase capacity of medical personnel.
5 Push vaccination

Let people continue working. Hawa askari wanachukua hongo kwa barabara watu wakipita, should rather enforce the MOH guidelines. But with the corruption in kenya, people will still suffer. A wrong doer with money is treated as saint. Oooohh Kenya my country.

No more restrictions people are suffering out there ..kila mtu ajizuie kivyake.

I have failed to understand why this curfew is at night yet during the day we are mingling all over and companies are holding hundreds of workers.

I would have closed all the counties ndio watu washike adabu si kufungia watu wa Nairobi na bado watu wengine wako free. What is important kuhustle ama kifo?

Hii curfew kwanza is doing more harm than good. If you see how people are scrambling for matatus in the evening na magari kubeba full capacity. Hapo Corona inaspread Kabisa.

Huyu ni kama aliwachia mali that’s why he reasons that way.. Hajui yale shida wakenya hupitia wakati wa Lockdown na curfews.

I rather hustle first kuliko kufa.

Forget about lockdown cause it cannot be reversed until the month is over, remember human beings learn the hard way cause foresight is never their portion. People are dying and we are not doing our part.

Mwambia Uhuru afungue nchi bana.

If I was the president, I would have closed all bars, let churches and restaurant operate and do away with the curfew because it doesn’t make sense.

The president should outline the plan to support Kenyans during the lockdown. But not just locking then you keep quiet.

Hao wanasema wanasupport uhunye hundred percent do they know how in hospitality we are suffering?

These leaders held rallies and super spread the virus then blamed wanjiku.

We will die of hunger n not covid

Do you know how many have lost jobs!!!!!!

Bars, churches and restaurant, same WhatsApp Group. Either all are open or all are closed.

I don’t think the curfew is of any benefit to Kenyans. The President shouldn’t even have locked down the tertiary institutions.

Closing bars and restaurants is shutting down a much much wider nationwide supply chain.

That’s why you can’t be a president. You could be the worse in the history of kenya

All those are places pple congregate. Everybody calls for opening of his place and suggesting the other to b closed, selfish.

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