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I took the Covid-19 vaccine and my wife isn’t speaking to me now-Man complains to Maina

A majority of Kenyans are still skeptical about being vaccinated, something that Classic105 host Maina Kageni has picked up on.

Mr. Kageni was curious to know why and what it would take for Kenyans to get vaccinated? Kenyans were quick to respond, with some still able to joke during a time when the country is going through a lot.

Some of the comments are below:

I will be vaccinated by I need a doctor from Russia and a professional photographer.

How can I get the vaccine and yet am at risk of getting the virus?

Mimi na hiyo vaccine ni kama water and paraffin.

Maina wacha hii vaccine iwekwe kwa pombe Kenyans watapona wote.

The only vaccine I need is any vaccine against poverty.

My question is, are we required to pay?? Or it’s free???

My fear is I might be that 0.0001% that gets that clot. Am not against it but am not for it until further research.

Mwingine nmeskia akisema haiwezi dungwa strungi.

I will not take it never.

Confused nation. At least 622 public and private hospitals across the country have been approved as Covid-19 vaccination centres in efforts by the state to have many take the jab as soon as possible.

Avoiding vaccination is like ignoring traffic warning road signs. You know what will happen to you ahead of you. It’s only I’m far in the queue hahaha. I’ll be the first to take when it’s available to the public.

l will never ever get vaccinated Maina, wacha nikae hivo, l only trust God pekee.

Ata Magufuli was there, kwa kutrust God pekee.

Watu wareceive jab. Personally ain’t ready for it.

Me, am not ready for the vaccine,,,

Exactly..and this ignorance is what is killing pple…there is no guarantee whatsoever that following the measures even 100% will keep you safe…and fyi the statement prevention is better than cure that one doesn’t seem to understand it..getting the vaccine is preventing!!!

Vaccination is prevention. Prevention is better than cure you’re right… don’t hesitate to get vaccinated if you get the chance.

True that…. but people need to look at the bigger picture about the vaccine….

Maina ebu wish my son happy blessed birthday!!.he is turning 19 yrs today. I am so proud of him and I wish him nothing but the very best in life. Hugs to him.

Where are under 58 yrs of age getting vaccinated?

Kwani What’s the work of vaccine? It’s prevention not cure.

Vaccination is also an act of prevention.

Kwani vaccination sio prevention? Ujinga itakuua.

This one is mixed up.

But vaccine is for preventing.

Maina whats making people fear taking the vaccine. Like how fast was is developed… It takes about 5 years and above to develop a good vaccine. And this was so fast. Even if its authorised people still have fears…. and they dont trust the healthcare system 

Hata mimi siwezi heri nivae mask, sanitize and avoid crowded places.

Soo much true…ata ya polio was tried around 1938 but was later approved in 1950 apo…

Maina I have been vaccinated but my wife did not want me to get the jab. As we speak she is not talking to me.

Maina I am a healthcare provider for MOH…I have already been vaccinated.. Na saa hii nko job doing gud.

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