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Maina, my husband cries everyday in front of me and my children – Wife complains

Maina Kageni spoke about the unspoken issue of men crying, something that society generally frowns about. He quoted a certain wife who bemoaned her husband’s behaviour saying, “Maina my husband cry’s everyday in front of me and my children.”

Mwalimu himself noted that children should never see their father cry. “Things are tough but your wife needs you to be strong,” he noted.

“Guys, have you ever cried in front of your woman?” Maina asked while also quizzing the ladies about what they would do when a man cries in front of them? “Is it okay for a man to appear weak or overwhelmed once in a while?” he asked.

The comments were mixed with some opining that it was O.K for a man to cry while others said it was anathema. Check them out below;

Maina you will never understand why men cry coz you don’t know what struggling is. It’s weird for you, but men have real problems out here n its either they cry it out or keep it inside n commit suicide when overwhelmed.

It’s not wrong to cry, especially when your things fall apart,,, Miradi, lose of money, pass away of parents, child even wife😭😭😭cry as much as yu can.

Men also have got emotions and it depends how a particular man controls it. Kama huyo mwanaume imemfikia hapo, let him do so, it’s alright but let it not be a habit.

I’d so much rather have him cry or breakdown than have him shout at us due to some bottled up stress.

To all ladies out there, it’s better you see your man cry than see him “taking things ki mwanaume” coz when they don’t show their emotions, there is a high chance you might loose them to suicide.

Cheki niwaambie Maina mi nililia ile siku nlipata message ya MOH ya kunipea kazi…kulilia msichana wa watu ni tabia mbaya… 

What’s the state of his mental health? He is literally crying for help.

Men are also human and they have feelings to but kumbembeleza ndio citaweza Alie tu alafu anyamaze.

For a man to cry it means that something bad has happened. We need to be strong and face challenges in life. Sasa baba akilia mama aanze kulia watoto wasindikize na kilio nani atabembeleza mwingine.

Even Jesus wept , so whom r u?

Me personally I have never. Ati sasa nilie mbele ya hawa daughters of Jezebel. How? Most men have that control to emotions no matter how heavy it could be.

Crying is a sign of love and caring, but when life is so hard DO NOT CRY like you have no option. Think!!

First of all how do a man start crying in front of a lady, when did that start surely, never should I do that.

I did that, she laughed, I made sure she did cry. I can’t repeat that madness again.

I just hug him so tight. It’s okay for him to cry in front of me but ikifika Ni kulia mbele ya watoi Sasa iyo inakua overreacting…

The amount of simping in this thread is appalling.

Mimi siwezi jifunga nalia tena naanguka chini mpaka aone amekosea.

Only one woman alive can make me cry in front of her.

Never, why should I cry? No matter how life is hard I will only struggle instead of crying.

Crying is a sign of no option.

Just walk away and let him deal with emotions…

While is it perceived that men are emotionless. Whether am strong or not when something overcomes my emotions NITALIA. Ill explain later.

Its very ok for a man to cry,once in a while getting emotional is allowed! Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s a pain reliever and can also be tears of joy.

Acha iyo once in a while ata akiskia atalia Kila siku so long as it makes him feel better I’ll be there for him…

I used to be impressed by a guy crying coz I appreciate someone that can be vulnerable, but now , naah, it’s fake , they cry to get something , So it’s fake and nonauthentic. Maybe not for all bit rn I’d take a crying man with a pinch of scrutiny.

Gai but sio wote they are some who do it for real.

Crying is a SIGN of PEACE. Those who do not CRY, might be doing it internally, & when it will explode on the surface someone will be hurt or killed.

Sometimes its okay to be weak. Weakness reminds us of our human nature, its just like sin. We fall and rise stronger.

Crying is an expression of emotions and men are also emotional beings although it’s not ethical to cry Infront of your children or wife depending on the stimulus.

Appear in the hiding..alone but not in front of those who have put their faith and hope on his leadership and providence…he must be a symbol of hope not lilia kwa choo but come out smiling…

But of course, men are human too…

Indeed coz we’re all human but simply the best thing someone can do is to control yourself.

Mwanaume nikukauka.

It’s ok….he is also a human being and he has got emotion alaaaa.

This is very okay as African men we try to be strong but our hearts are full of pain that is why we will die young na vindoda za tumbo if “jesus wept” who are you?

A real man can ONLY cry akikata kitunguu.

For mi yes is okey.

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