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Better than our own Canadian men – Woman praises Kenyan husband to Maina

Today morning Maina Kageni spoke about the state of relationships following International Men’s Day. The one question the silky-voiced presenter asked was whether Kenyan women respect their men. “Ladies, what does a Kenyan man have to do to earn your respect?”

A very pertinent question, I must add.

The questions are as one would expect with the answers split along gender lines with the women saying that Kenyan men demand more than they can offer with the men saying that the women don’t appreciate them.

Some of the comments are below:

We are so loving and caring. It’s you who demand more that we cant offer at that time. Just believe in us.

Kenyan men are global brand only our women who nag more than they love doesn’t understand us
Kenyan men are made from the same fabric tunajua hiyo.

Men should appreciate their ladies first b4 open the mouth .. at they are not appreciated with their ladies
“Maina Kenyan men are loving and caring. We should be handled with care.”

I have been to Rwanda and Uganda I used to tell the women there I will take them to Kenya and they get so excited.

The reason why most Kenyan men aren’t appreciated by their women is cause they are very disrespectful, they treat their women like trash but when they go outside the country they pretend to be the. Charity begins at home!!!

The pretense by most Kenyan men is what let them down

“I’m Canadian and I am married to a Kenyan man and he takes good care of me more than a Canadian man can.”
“I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and I can tell you one thing Kenyan men tumepewa heshima huko nje.”

Kenyan men just respect your women and appreciate them as they are.

I once dated a Tanzanian lady when she was in Kenya and she was always making positive comments about Kenyan men the way we’re loving, caring, understanding and romantic.

They need to respect their women.

Be responsible and be faithful. Stop running away from responsibilities and cheating

Women should submit if the man is providing for her needs, giving her good sex and gives her time and attention. A man has to just provide and play his bedroom roles right. All women need is security and Miti ni dawa.

Maina we are never appreciated in Kenya. Otile Brown alienda Ethiopia kuona mrembo wake because he is appreciated internationally. Hapa ata uhug transformer nothing will change.

I’m Canadian and I am married to a Kenyan man and he takes good care of me more than a Canadian man can.

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