Ladies, Why Is It That You Can Forgive But Can’t Forget When Your Man Wrongs You?

Ladies, there’s a question men would like to ask you today.

I got a message yesterday from a male friend, which read: ‘Why the hell can’t women forgive and just FORGET? Why do they have to bring up stuff up even years later?’

Ladies, do you have the capacity to forget and guys, why do you expect her to forget something painful you did to her? For her not to forget, you must have done something terrible.

Men, does your woman bring up issues and things that happened years ago? And should you hold it against her for not being able to forget that time you hurt her, years back?

Ladies, yes you forgive but apparently you can’t forget, why? Is it that it hurts so deeply that you can’t erase it from your mind.

Talk to me ladies and gentlemen, I need to hear from you. #MainaAndKingangi