Ladies, Why Do You Trust Your Pastors More Than Your Husbands?

We need to talk about an online poll that was conducted last week.

The results of the poll suggested that women trust their pastors more than they trust their husbands.

So, according to the poll, men rank number four in this hierarchy of trust, with women trusting their pastors first, then their children, their male supervisors at work and then their husbands. Wow!

Girls, so why don’t you trust your men to the point where you turn to your pastors and bosses more? And men, why do you think your women have lost trust in you?

To think that your husbands should be the first person you trust before anyone else since they are your spouses. What’s wrong ladies, and men, what are you doing that results in your wife not trusting you? Talk to me #MainaAndKingangi