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Why are men leaving wives for their mistresses? Mike Mondo asks

Today morning Mike Mondo, who stood in for Maina Kageni, spoke about a story on Mpasho.co.ke that referenced husbands leaving their wives for their side-pieces.

Mondo was shocked that these men were leaving their wives for the ‘other woman’ and not coming back. He wondered why a man who had a family would leave his first wife and family without ever going back?

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

The answers came in hard and first from the audience members. Some of their comments are below;

A sidepiece will cook and do everything for you-A man said.

Leaving is the best choice. I also had to leave my wife. The pressure was the major reason I left-A man told Mike.

I have been with my wife for 30 years through thick and thin. Even through the toughest of times, I love her. She is still in bed right now sleeping but I still love her.

Governor Mike Sonko advises men to love their wives more than mistresses [VIDEO]

For a man to leave his wife like that she must have done something really bad-A man told Mike.

When a man leaves it is a woman’s fault-A man categorically stated.

A man having one woman is poison. Two are still not great. 3 is the optimum because you can go from one to the other-A man suggested.

Marriage is an institution, it means when we come together we have different expectations hence needs alot of patience and tolerance. When you expect 100% transition, it’s a nightmare you can’t get it. Don’t push us away-Douglas Kiplagat.

Mike Mondo smiling
Mike Mondo smiling

Men do walk out and I will never judge any gender that walks out of pressure that depresses them and can lead to death because you won’t even be alive to tell the story. One of the most painful things in life is being hurt by the person you love-Sheila Bahati

It’s ironical that the same men who leave blaming their wives come back later after the world lands on them so hard! They come back crawling yet they left on their two feet!-Monique Kimmss

Women are more likely to initiate divorce because the married women reported lower levels of relationship quality than married men. In contrast, women and men in non-marital relationships reported equal levels of relationship quality-Chris Ray🗽

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