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Maina and Kingangi debate the power of a Mother-in-law over her son

Maina and Kingangi had a vigorous conversation today about the power a mother-in-law has over her son’s decisions in life. Maina referenced an article he had read in one of the dailies where the conversation was about mothers-in-law.

He said that he was shocked after reading a particular story where a Kenyan man got a divorce on the advice of his mother! That appalled him while Kingangi was of the opinion that mothers have a sixth sense and that it should be respected.

Listeners texted and called with their responses. Some are below:


There are women suffering in silence because of their mothers-in-law – A text from a male listener.

Our mothers are the first priority, wives come in the category of other. When I get broke my mother will help me, my wife meanwhile will be at the club – Captain Kale.

A man broke up with me because I was from a different tribe, we had been together for 2 years. It happened last year. His mother insisted. There are men who are really weak – A female caller.

I had a lot of fight with my dad and mom about my future wife. They said my wife was like a version of a slay queen. I have been married for 4 years We didn’t talk with my parents for 6 months – Response from a male caller.

My mom told me not to see a certain boy because there were rumours that he had impregnated another woman. Sad to say we broke up 3 years later – Response from female caller.

The sword cuts both ways with good ones and bad ones – A text from a female listener

Hawa wanaume ni ngamia. They are weak – Response from female caller.

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