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Maina and Kingangi ask whether men refund loans borrowed from their women

This week Maina and Kingangi have been discussing issues that deal with finances in relationships between man and woman.

Maina brought up the issue of men asking for money from their significant others and whether they ever returned the money.

Maina wondered whether men knew how important money was to women?

Kingangi meanwhile was of the opinion that most men return the money promptly. The reason he gave was that most women would nag the man incessantly until they got back the money, adding, ‘hiyo nyumba hailkaliki!’

Some of the responses to the conversation are below;

One man disappeared with my 2.8 million. He is now building a house with his first wife, even though he left a son behind – Response from a female caller.

They(women) are like thieves. They are suspect from day one. Die with your own mother. Pesa ya mwanake imelaaniwa – Wakanai.

I did her favour marrying her a favour and giving her children. She should thank me – Captain Kale.

When you are in love you have already helped him with more than 100k. I have given out 200k collectively to a man. Then he disappeared. It happened again. I gave the second man 10k. I have never repeated it again – Response from a female caller.

Head of the home should not sumbua his juniors – Response from a female caller.

The man should not borrow but ask. This means he isn’t seeking a loan – Response from a female caller.

Marriage is a couple taking each other’s assets and liabilities. Also if you can’t pay your father and mother, then how can you pay the person who is supposed to be one with you? – Response from a male caller.

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