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Is there an issue with Madonna, 61, dating a man 36 years her junior? Maina Kageni asks

Today’s morning conversation was one of the hottest I have heard in my life. Maina Kageni asked Kenyans what the problem was with international musician Madonna dating a much younger boy.

“Singer Madonna, 61, is dating a 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams. Madonna went public with her new lover back in 2019. Guys, what’s wrong with her dating a younger guy? What’s the problem here?”

Some Kenyans were in the “live and let live” camp while others saw the gap as something incomprehensible, while others said that people should mind their own business.

Some of those comments are below:

Huyo Kijana anafaa apigwe mawe , hadi kama ni sugarmammy anataka 61 should not be the number.

These women are not looking for husbands, they just want to have fun.

I don’t agree..they are looking at the pockets n savings of the grannies….

Wewe Maina hauja oa, what are you telling us. You and them same WhatsApp group. Dutigithie.

I agree with you Maina, these matheskos are looking for where they are just happy.

We all agree esp when we are close to Valentine’s day

Age is just but a number Maina

If this is possible ata corona itaisha.

It’s all madonna’s fault.

Mind your own business.

NEVER date an older woman, be it she’s older by two seconds. 

61-25=46…56 is just a number

61 vs 25 is too much

Pesa muhimu bana

Mahustler wanaonanga kwenye pesa

Wacheni shosh ajibambe

You are the problem seeing no problem here

Aaahm how do they even have se3??? I don’t even want to imagine Guys, what’s wrong with her dating a younger guy? What’s the problem here? 

61 years sio mbaya wacha ajibambe ni raha tu. 

Madonna is still active and that’s why she chose a 26 old active Boi Boi.

Good morning Mister Maina, I don’t see any problem of anyone going to where his/her heart feels happy and secure, after all life isn’t a rehearsal and we just live once.

Let them enjoy their life …life is too short ..maisha ni yao.

I think him dating this woman is just for satisfaction.

To be sincere a difference of a few year’s is ok but talking of 20 plus year’s as a man now you’re dating your mother!! Madonna is that boys mother if not Grandma lol.

But an old cat feeds on liver!! If u know u know!!!

Maina gari ikiharibika engine unaendeanga engine mzee ama mpya? Wacha Madonna ajibambe.

Kama ni ya Madonna imeharibika basi ameendea engine mzee.kama ni ya mama itabidi afanyiwe modification

Pilipili usiyoila yakuwashiani? Age is just a number. Why is it okay for a man to date a younger woman but when its vice versa its bad?

Men will always go with young women but not old women, men appreciate when they go old but women depreciate, men needs fresh things not old vehicles .

Good morning… I think it’s unfair… Kwanza am looking for one to make her feel like she is 19 again… ..plz play rotimi… Love somebody

Coz its unwritten rules, biblically and traditionally.

Why is it that the woman comes from the rib, the man should be there B4 the woman, so shoshoCross mark

A man is productive all his life…why have a white elephant in my life?

Kila nyani na starehe zake, hii 2021 I am not judging anyone

Kila mtu huwa na sababu ya kuufanya uamuzi wake,that guy has a reason behind his decision.

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