Pop icon Madonna celebrates 60th birthday in exciting manner (photo)

On Thursday, Queen of pop, Madonna used her 60th birthday to remind her fans and followers her status in the music industry.

She did this by taking to her Instagram and posting a fun pic of her holding a sign reading ‘The Queen’.


Even more,she captioned:

‘In case someone forgot#birthday #magic#Marakesh’

The pop icon looks happy and relaxed as she grins towards the camera.

Likewise, she’s styled in countless colourful bangles, jewelled cuffs, beaded necklaces and statement rings.

Also, one can’t miss the eye-catching diamante letter ‘M’ positioned on her middle finger.

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A photo of Madonna with a gold tray balancing a chandelier, candles and intricate Moroccan teacups being rested on her head,also featured on her IG story.


A bejewelled orange and silver headband-come-crown on her head is also visible which she posted a day earlier.

Similarly, she did a sexy pose on another photograph.


In addition,she captioned:

‘Almost Birthday Selfie- Celebrating Berber. Culture! #birthday #nomad #magic #Marakesh.’

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