Madiba hints that he’s ready for baby no. 2 with Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia and her husband Blessing Lungaho have taken their first staycation after the arrival of their newborn daughter.

The mother of two decided to treat her man to a father’s day gift. Through Matubia’s YouTube channel, she shared

“He has been very helpful with the kid. We take turns in taking care of her.”

Madiba joked that he might as well create baby number 3 during the staycation.

Third born knocking, si tumekuja kwa hoteli. Why are we in a hotel then?”

Asked whether they conceived at a hotel Matubia responded,
“We conceived while in Coast.”

To which Terence Creative added,
“No wonder the baby’s name is almost similar to that of people from the Coastal region. If you are a mum and you have just gotten a baby, it’s good to sometimes leave those four walls of your house.”

People have told Matubia to let Blessing walk her down the aisle before she can give him a second child.
Matubia and Madiba made their relationship public on valentines day.

The Zora actor proposed to the love of his life on his birthday which is in April 2022. The couple is co-parenting as Matubia has a daughter from her past relationship.

Madiba also has a child from a past relationship but it’s not clear whether he lives with her or not. Taking to social media to announce the news of the birth of their child, Matubia penned,

“Good Morning ☺️Great news!!! Baby is finally here!!! We give thanks to God for a safe delivery… DR. Nyamu and the staff of @komarockmodern Thank you. This was one interesting delivery so watu wangu wa YouTube the video will be up very soon so subscribe and hit the notifications bell… Thank you, fam for your prayers. Blessed Monday!”

Matubia is now a mother of two since she has a daughter from her previous relationship.

Former Mother-in-Law actress said she learnt she was expectant at eight weeks.

“That day I wasn’t feeling well. I even thought I had contracted Covid-19,” she said.

“I had no appetite, and his cologne was irritating me. I was at a point where I never thought I could be pregnant again.”

Matubia was tested for different things, among them pregnancy.

“Between my last period and the time of conception, when I was getting pregnant, I was on family planning  an injection,” she said.

The couple was accompanied by their BFF’s Terence Creative and Milly Chebby.

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