‘I made the decision too late’ Eunice Njeri on walking out of her marriage

Three years ago gospel star, Eunice Njeri made news after she walked out of her marriage after only one day of being married.

It started with a whirlwind romance and then was promptly followed with an engagement announcement then the day of the wedding arrived only to end in an annulment.

She was married to rapper Isaac Bukasa, alias Izzo,

Speaking exclusively to, Eunice terms that as the lowest moment in her life has since soldiered on.

“I felt it was the right time for me to get married but then realised it was not, and so I changed my mind, but of course it was the voice of God. It was something that had gone on for so long, only that I made the decision too late,” she said.

Her biggest struggle was the aftermath and the information that was spread.

However, the ‘Ameni’ singer encourages other Christians to never give up when the going is tough. Christians are bound to be attacked from all directions but they should always believe in Jesus and pray.

Her latest song, ‘Zaidi na Zaidi’, was written a while ago, but she says she has been praying about it before she released it four months ago.

“It is always from God. I try my best to tell people that in any situation, it is by the grace of God. I never want to sing about situations. The best thing I always tell the worship leaders is to sing the word of God because it is timely,” she said.

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