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Madam president! Betty Kyallo declares intention to be a running mate for presidential candidate

Media personality Betty Kyallo is certain she is going to run for a political seat.

The mother of one first revealed her political interest during an interview saying she had considered running for Parliament given her prominence online and her desire to change things for the better.

She explained that it motivated her to see young people such as Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Starehe MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua in elected positions but wanted to see if they would fulfil their promises.

That was way back in 2018 after she started her salon business.

In August this year, she revived her vision after US Senator Kamala Harris was nominated as the running mate of US Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the next US elections.

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Kamala now stands as the first black female to take up such position in the United States of America.

Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo
Alinur Mohamed with Betty Kyallo

This was an indication that Betty could also do it, an inspiration to many black females that it can be done.

Betty vibrantly expressed herself saying;

“…this is giving me motivation for Politics 👌🏾 It can be done!


“I will. I will succeed. Oh can I get an Amen!”

Well, yesterday, fellow media personality Lilian Muli shared a photo of US Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden on her Instagram in which she captioned;

“Will Kenya ever have a Joe Biden and Kamala Haris moment? Which woman in Kenya stands a chance at being nominated as a running mate to a presidential candidate or being a contender for the position?

Betty briefly responded;

“I will.”

All we can do is to hope for the best for her.

Who is your ideal woman that should be given that post?

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