Ian Nene aka Almasi smiling

Former Machachari actor Almasi tattoos his feet showcasing his Hindu faith (video)

Former Machachari actor, Ian Nene popularly-known as Almasi is an intriguing character. The man who went abroad for further studies not only got a degree but emerged with new belief systems.

Recently, the actor posted an image that showed that he will not be unbowed with what other people say concerning how he lives his life.

Almasi aka Ian Nene
Almasi aka Ian Nene

Almasi revealed that he had tattooed his feet with two lotus flower tattoos on his feet. The tattoos are a confirmation of his conversion to Hinduism that happened back in 2018 and has been vocal ever since about his dedication to his faith.

Have you forgotten it is your father I sleep with? Almasi tells fan

The thespian who resides in the UK showed off the new ink on his Instagram page and while some people fell in love with them, others could not help but get apprehensive.

Some of those comments are below:

west_simon_ke Mama yao umerudi 😂😂😂

doneljones5 Hahaha nasikia mama yao amerudi

syline_okindo Kwani uko na gout

myblackisbea09 May God have mercy on you

eseme_vincent Radako mseeee…nowadays umekuwa nguna🤔🤔🤔

og029l You are geh

naomyngure 😘😘😘

shabir_shaban Unafai viboko ww ni dem

Ian has been dancing to his own tunes since he moved to the UK. Not only has his liberal fashion where he has worn dresses and skirts raised eyebrows but so too have some of the posts he has made with some of his male friends.

Ian Nene aka Almasi
Ian Nene aka Almasi

Some of those posts have raised questions as to his sexuality, something the actor has ignored, at best being facetious with his answers.

Ian Nene aka Almasi posing with his friend
Ian Nene aka Almasi posing with his friend

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