‘I learnt after our honey moon that my new wife had robbed a bank of Ksh 700K, ‘ City man confesses

What would you do if you found out that the man/woman you just said ‘I Do’ to is a murderer,rapist,con or even a woman batter?.

There are some sickening things that couples only found after they had already walked down the aisle with their better halves.

Here are the confessions

One woman says

“He had had a 4-year s#xual relationship with his best female friend, that he swore up and down he’d never dated. Also that he had raped his sister when he was 12 and she was 11.

I picked a winner, right? He never told me about these things. I found evidence of thing 1 and the sister told me about thing 2.

We are divorced.”

‘Real mean are making love to their wives , you busy guessing what insults you can give me’ Akothee to Robert Alai


Another victim says

“My husband and his friend came up with a plan to catch his friend’s wife cheating. My husband slept with his friends wife and friend ‘caught’ them. She got pregnant and during the divorce found out the baby was my husband’s. Found this out after 7 years and 3 kids.”

Man holding another woman's hands behind his girlfriends back

If you think that’s horrible read the confession below

“She was a bank robber.

She told me she had saved up $700 (Ksh 700K) from working summer jobs and babysitting while in high school. We get married, and get on our way to Branson (Honeymoon Capitol of America, amIrite?). On the way, she confesses to me that she did not in fact save up.

So, we go on an extravagant (for me) week long spending spree of a honeymoon. We do EVERYTHING! Helicopters, boat rentals, every show, see a souvenir- we buy it. Oh a quilt? $500? Sure! We spent over $6500(Ksh 650,500 )extra on this trip.

We get home on a Sunday afternoon. We both have to return to work the next morning. There are several messages on the answering machine (This was before either of us had cell phones). The third or fourth message plays.”

‘My mpango wa kando is pregnant with twins, What do I do?’ Cries city man

In conclusion he says

“It is her boss from the BANK she works at telling her to contact him at once, that there is an issue they need to discuss, and leaves a number. Up to this point, I am in the dark, but by Monday morning it has all hit the fan.


I learn that there was no mysterious savings account from high school. I learn that she had been transferring money from a couple large accounts on a regular basis into HER OWN account. The total was somewhere north of $7700(Ksh 707,000) The bank was pissed, the clients were pissed, the authorities were already neck deep this and they were scary, to say the least.”

What is the worst thing you found out about your better half,share in the comment section.

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