Lupita Nyong'o in Lamu

Chunga Omar Lali!!! Lupita Nyong’o warned as she vacations in Lamu

Lupita Nyong’o dominated the headlines earlier this year after British supermodel Naomi Campbell was given the gig to promote Kenyan tourism to international travelers.

A serious debate ensued with many asking Najib Balala why our own famous export hadn’t been used to promote magical Kenya?

The cabinet secretary responded by saying that getting to the Oscar-winning actress had been a tall task, otherwise the government would have offered her the job.

Miss Nyong’o on her part denied that she had ever been called by the government. While we might never know the truth between the two, one thing we can see is that it has changed Lupita’s traveling habits.

Lupita who usually keeps a very very low profile when she comes to Kenya has decided to announce to every Kenyan that she is at the coast.

Yep, the thespian who has nary made a public visit to the country the last 8 years decided to reveal her whereabouts, something she hasn’t done since her celebrity status exploded.

Mmm…I wonder why? But I digress. The reason I write this story is how Kenyans have decided to turn her triumphant return promoting her lovely Kenya to speak about Omar Lali-the old man implicated in the death of Keroche heiress, Tecra Muigai.

Check out some of the hilarious comments below:

But Naomi Campell ashaapita na kazi yako you can look for Omar Lali it’s the only gift we can give you now.

Say hi to the goat Goat himself Omar Lali

Omar Lali do what do best

Don’t go back before meeting Comrade Omar Lali,

Watch out…Omar Lali is following

Be careful not to meet our legendary OMAR LALI….He is lethal, if he captures you, even acting will be read in story books…

Hope you are not near Shela Omar Lali’s headquarters

Be careful kasin, that’s the land of Omar Lali

My sister RUN, RUN Away Lari Omar is Around, if you you know

Salamia omar lali jaber Uyo ni superstar iyo maeneo

Umepatana Omar Lali ama hauna connections

Omar Lali ako huko.. Kamsalimie.

Omar Lali representing

Chunga Omar Lali na ile handbag yake, asikukaribie nyar Gem

Ukiona mzee fulani na locks kwa kichwa na ndevu mingi za white, Nyaseme run for your life. The guy gets what he wants and then you will never go back to the Hollywood. Anaitwa #Omarlali

That is what the women say after meeting Omar Lali.

omar lali mboga ndio hiyo.

My sister RUN, RUN Away Lari Omar is Around, if you, you know.

Chunga Omar Lali na ile handbag yake, asikukaribie nyar Gem.

Omar Lali liked your tweet.

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