Luo’s how do you live filanga free without stress Maina asks

A mental health survey by ethnicity, states that Kikuyus are on top of the list of Kenyans with the most stress.

The list by the Bureau of statistics shows Kisii’s are second followed by Kalenjins in 3rd place.

Maina and Kingangi debated this on the Friday morning conversation September 17.

Mwalimu said it is understandable about Kisii’s because musician Embarabara has put them in the limelight “embarabara amewafikisha huko na bado hajatoa wimbo ingine”

Maina read the figures out again “1 in every 4 kikuyus is stressed. Ni nini mbaya? They are followed by Kisii’s  and third place is Kalenjins”

Mwalimu pointed out about Kalenjins saying “hiyo ni ya Ruto”

4th place is Luhyias and next the kamba. And then they are followed by the Meru then the Masai and then we head out to the Mijikenda.

Maina was so tickled and pointed out that the Luo’s are the least stressed in the survey.

He wanted to know what their trick was asking “the least stressed group in Kenya are the Luo. Let me ask a question how are you doing it?”

Mwalimu reminded him that “they are already there bana they can see canan” he joked

A man actually agreed with this and called to say that ” as long as baba is ok we are ok”

The question Maina asked was “Luos how do you do it? live filanga free without stress? maina asked. How do you just go with the flow? me I just love that. maybe we can learn something from you.

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