Huddah in blue

“Lungula is therapy” Huddah Monroe teaches

Huddah Monroe says she has been going crazy for the last couple days. But she seems to have found what the problem was. Lack of sex.

According to her, it is the therapy she needed all this time. Then why wasn’t she indulging? You ask?

Well, she says no man was worth her couple of weeks ago but it seems she must have found someone who is worth now that she has found out what the problem was.

“Sex is a true therapy! Its been months since I had that shit! Coz I havent met a guy worth it. Thats why my mind cant calm down! Fuck meditation! Fuck spa! I just figured out my problem! Go figure urs!” She posted

So, do you want to use the same therapy to your problem?

He’s not my type! Huddah says as she denies ever kissing Harmonize

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