Diamond Platnumz vs Lulu Diva collage

Lulu Diva denies claims that she is pregnant with Diamond’s child

Lulu Diva has learnt how to keep her name in the spotlight this year. And how does a socialite keep her name on the lips of fans and followers alike? Make sure that people associate you with huge East African personalities like Diamond Platnumz and Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

The Tanzanian has been in the news for all the wrong(right?) reasons after many blogs from her home-state said that she was pregnant with Diamond’s child.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

Speaking in an interview with Dizzim Online during a DSTV event in Dar Es Salaam, the singer said the reports do not bother her because they are all lies. She also explained that she can hold her head high as the rumours about her are unfounded;

It is okay for people to say all manner of stuff. The most important thing is your reaction, the way you react to say false news will determine how people will perceive the whole thing. I always keep off rumours and unfounded reports because I know I did not do anything, as long as my heart is at peace, people can say and do whatever they want. A lot of scandals popped up recently but because I am innocent, they did not bother me.

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

There are cross-sections of the East African media that reported that Lulu stormed Diamond and Tanasha’s baby shower demanding an audience with the singer over a pregnancy she was carrying.

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Diamond has also strenuously denied the reports saying that he had no relationship with Lulu, warning rumourmongers to respect his family.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday

The rumours about her and Diamond were also fuelled by a short video that was circulated widely showing Diamond interacting with Lulu Diva at the listening party of Romy Jon’s album. The video was interpreted in different perspectives by lots of gossip pages in Tanzania forcing him to quash the reports.

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