Luhya and Luo men are so stingy it can make you weep literally – woman shouts (AUDIO)

Men were recently left fuming after socialite Huddah Monroe said that Kenyan men are stingy, and this caught Maina and Kingang’s attention. Mwalimu Kingangi sought to know why women commercialize everything.

During the morning show, the two co-hosts gave their listeners a chance to speak out on why men are perceived as stingy.

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Some men are known to be so stingy they cannot even save you incase you are in financial trouble nor even pay for your salon appointment

“Is it a business venture how was she doing her hair before we met?Is that the condition of us being together ,what am i paying for?i have no respect for  such women.”Posed the first caller.

One caller only proved how stingy men can be, stating that he cannot take care of another man’s asset, adding that if it is food and drinks he can provide, but it ends there nothing more nothing less.



And just when you think you have heard enough of this drama on a Monday morning, here is what the next caller had to say

“Next time a man fails to pay your rent,your gas,your hair ,manicure, pedicure blame yourself on the choices you make. Get a job and buy them yourself.”

Mwalimu was still in shock after Maina asked men if they give their women a stipend every end month, stating that he knows a man who puts a million in his wife’s account.

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A female caller left many laughing after opening up on dating Luo and Luhya men. She said

“Dating a Luhya man is a no, they are the meanest people you’ll ever date, ikifika kwa chakula wanakula ikifika kwa hio kitu wanakula then they dump you and say babe this thing is not working. You are left wondering umeachwa na nini given that everything is spoilt. By the time you move out of such a relationship you have been spoiled down there.”

She goes on to add that Luhya and Luo men will treat you to nice places but will never give you a dime, apparentlyasking for money from them is like wanting to get milk from a chicken.


She says

“We sometimes prefer when they give us the money because by the end of the day if you take us to this retreats we ndo unaenda kujibamba. Thats why they love this retreats but if you tell them to go and shop for a few things they wouldn’t agree. She went on to add that Kamba’s are better but when you wrong them they take everything they had given you even if its a sweet?”

Listen to more of the conversation on the audio below

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