Riverside Attack

Lucky to be alive: Two sisters rescued from Riverside attack

Two sisters who were injured in the Riverside drive attack Tuesday were admitted at Avenue hospital for medical treatment.

The two were later discharged, with details of what they were doing at Dusit emerged.

The ladies were having lunch at the Secret gardens when the explosion happened.

They were able to hide behind the counter before they were rescued.

Heartbreaking photos of evacuations as 3 die in 14 Riverside attack

dusit employees running

One woman who did not want to give her name said the first explosion happened at the secret garden where there were many casualties.

According to our source the attackers are said to have been moving from office to office shooting.

Exclusive Photos of current situation at Riverside drive,Westlands

Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack which is aimed at turning the country upside down.

Other victims have been taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and MP Shah, and among those injured is an expectant woman.

The ambulances are having a hard time owing to heavy traffic jam, thus many of them being inconvenienced.

Avenue hospital has also appealed for blood donations from well wishers.

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