Luanda Man Narrates How He Spent Two Days In A Mortuary After Narrowly Escaping Death

Willis Olilo, the man who spent two days in a mortuary has finally spoken out on his predicament.

He remembers the incidents so vividly.

Mr Olilo was a renown gangster together with his friends in Luanda sub county, Vihiga county. The 24 year old man says him and his friends would terrorize residents of Ebusakami Enyaita in Luanda and mostly attack people at night since they always carried pangas and knives and other crude weapons.

He says that their most successful attacks would be during funerals in the village.

Nobobdy crossed our paths unharmed. If we wanted money or something from anyone, we just went and took it by force,” he confessed.

On that fateful day, in 2015, at a disco matanga at Kima town, as they were going back home, they heard people scream for help and they headed towards that direction probably to see what was going on, little did they know that they were running towards their death. On arrival, tables turned.

“Thieves had just robbed one of the shops at Esamwenyi and when we heard people screaming for help, we headed in the direction.We got there ,three men armed with pangas and other crude weapons. On reaching the scene, the crowd turned on us suspecting that we were the thieves,” He told The Nairobian.

Immediately they were surrounded by a mob of over 500 people who had also rushed to the scene to help. Using the weapons they had carried, the villagers beat them up.

One of their friends escaped narrowly but the rest were beaten senselessly that he even lost consciousness he explains. They were left for dead before the police came to pick their bodies.

He regained consciousness and realized that his friend died and the police stopped the car on their way to hospital and hit his head with a gun where he again lost consciousness.

He woke up again at 3 am and found himself placed on top of a dead body at Mbale Hospital Mortuary. He began to scream and when the gate keepers heard they went to check what was going on and when they found him they thought it was a ghost and ran for their lives.

The doctor was called to examine him and he was later taken to hospital but he was put under tight security until he recovered and was discharged.

His family had started burial plans according to his elder brother but they were very happy when they heard that he did not perish.

Olilo tells The Nairobian that after the incident, he gave his life to Christ. Clearly, that was a second chance in life. He now works at Luanda Town where he sells eggs and sausages for a living.

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