‘Low self esteem’ Zari’s crytic message after Diamond and Hamisa flirt 


On Tuesday, Diamond Platnumz posted on his social media that he appreciated his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto dancing to his new song Jeje.

His post was liked by Hamisa and their close pal Mange Kimabi also commented how she thought there was more to their social media banter.

Diamonds first baby mama Zari appears to have been watching their latest move, as she has shared a note about knowing your self worth.

Is she saying Hamisa is cheap to rekindle romance with Diamond. Maybe, maybe not.

Though recently Hamisa was interviewed about Diamond and said loving him is like being in the Titanic only with a different outcome.

Being with Diamond is like watching the Titanic movie praying it doesn’t sink – Hamisa

Here is the message Zari shared that could easily be misinterpreted as jealousy.

zari self worth


Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz

Is she being salty, or just spitting facts? Drop your comments below.

Keeping up with Diamond’s shenanigans is quite energy consuming, but trust us to be head to head with him.

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