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I have produced for T.I, Akon and even Justin Bieber-Lovy Longomba claims

Many Kenyans might remember Lovy Longomba for his days as part of the legendary Longombas music duo but what they don’t realize is that his days in the singing booth are in the rearview if one looks at his current career path.

The man is now a Prophet. Yep, Lovy who has been in the USA for the last 16 years also revealed that he had produced songs for some of the top international artistes while there.

In a recent interview on K24, the singer explained why he had ditched secular music for the call of God?

”I was still producing music. I produced for many American artistes you all know like Iggy Azalea, T.I, Akon, Justin Bieber, a lot of them. I have been Grammy-nominated a few times just for producing. But the whole time, Christian was also going through his illness and stuff,” he said.

I came back home in honour of my brother – Lovy Longomba back in Kenya

He said that even though he was making secular music with his brother, everyone knew that he would do ministry at some point.

According to the singer, this transition happened during the period when his brother was also battling brain tumor.

Lovy also foreshadowed seeing his brother, Christian’s death saying, “Of course I did. Other people think not. Mungu aliniambia. Kwaivo mimi nilikuwa prepared. But nilijua. I shared with people around… Si unajua mimi ni propthet. So, Mungu ananizungumzia.”

The well-dressed Lovy who has Congolese heritage also revealed that his ministry is doing very well, so much so that he claims he lives in a posh area called Calabasas.

He alleged that he was neighbours with Kanye, Akon and Chris Brown. He said that he bought his church with Ksh 874,000,000!

He went further to say that he’s not only depending on the church for money, but he’s also an entrepreneur who ventured into real estate.

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