Lovy Longomba opens up about mother vanishing after fathers death

Many of us have grown up knowing Logombas because they gave us hit song after hit song in the early 2000’s.

Next thing we saw was that Christian Logomba was ailing and his brother, Lovy Logomba is now a man of the church. We did not know much about their life.

Sadly, Christian passed away after battling a brain tumor and Lovy came to Kenya in tribute of his late brother.

Prophet Lovy has opened up on how he and his four siblings were orphaned at a very young age.

The loss of their dad was compounded by the arrest of their mother in Pakistan.

“When I was a little kid, at the age of 8, my father passed away. Everything I knew about life that day changed, I understood immediately what rejection means and what hard times are.

My siblings were cashed, my mother lost everything her own journey is an interesting story she was framed for something she did not do, she was put in jail.

My mother was a businesswoman she travelled, this was a few months after my father passed away. So we are little kids we have just lost our father, mom has vanished at some point we just thought she has kinda left us. But it was not so, she was framed and put away.” Lovy revealed during an Instagram live.

His mother was released 7 years later when he was 14 years old and that is when they got to know what really happened.

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