Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue

‘Love yourself before anyone else,’ Akothee open letter to her daughters

Akothee has written a heartwarming open letter to her three girls Vesha, Rue and Fancy.

In a long post on her social media, the single mother of five reminded her daughters to concentrate on building themselves and build themselves more.

She reminded them to be careful with the people around them as some of them are not genuine friends.

She also assured them of her love and support to them.

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‘To the women I gave birth too
You are pretty ,You are brilliant, You are kind, You are disciplined, You are Successful ,You are blessed
It’s difficult for most of your agemates to understand why it’s you , for that they will find reasons to dim this light.
Please mum be careful with the people around you , especially women ,and women at your age .
πŸ‘‰ Sometimes ,I don’t know where you are ,but my spirit is moving around with you . Just know I will always stand by you even when your world trust to come down .
πŸ‘‰ Concentrate more on building your own self , yes I gave you a platform ,but it’s not your end goal nor your destiny . Pull yourself and do great things that your feature will appreciate you for .
πŸ‘‰Let the noise from the internet be a sweet music to your ears , those are not your enemies ,they are your cheer leaders/ they admire you , imagine performing without an audience.”

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She added that they need those supporting them and those insulting them as that’s the only way they will strike a balance in life.
”Those who insult you makes you more famous, they make you interesting for you are doing something they are not capable of, you are a reflection of what they would want to be, it’s just that it’s not coming for them . They are not bitter with you ,they are bitter with their lives ,pray for them have fun you have a life.
Treat everyone equal , love yourself more than anyone else . Treat yourself the way you would want to be treated .
Life is short .
Above All ,I am your mother ,I am here , I am the only woman who would like to see you do better than me.”

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