Maina Kageni with Jalang'o

“I love my freedom too much!” Maina tells Jalang’o on ever getting married

Celebrated media personality Maina Kageni was interviewed yesterday by fellow media big-wig Jalang’o. The two had a fascinating exchange where Mr. Kageni revealed that he has no plans to get married anytime soon.

The Classic105 host explained that he didn’t like the commitment aspect that comes along with marriage, as men are always trying to impress their partners, something he doesn’t subscribe to.

“Sometimes marriage is not for everyone but never say never and I believe that, you know why? Sir Charles Njonjo got married at 54 or 59 na ako 100 sai ..wewe oa tutakuzika 63. Wewe ndo utajimaliza, coz what married people do is to try and keep u and impress. You try and do crazy, out of this world things that you think she will remember forever, that’s how you kill yourself.”

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He went on to say, “First of all, your woman will always have more money than you, because she didn’t spend, she saves it. So don’t think buying her a Mercedes Benz is impressing her,” said Maina in part.

Another reason for him not marrying he said was that he likes his freedom and will not stand asking for permission from his wife whenever he wants to do something.

“Mimi ni mtu wa freedom.. sai tuseme Corona imeisha na naamka nasema I want to be in US in two weeks. Na ninaenda. Do you think you can do that when you are married? You have to ask your wife and that’s what I have got a problem doing” added Maina.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like women. He said that he loves women a lot.

“Women deserve everything good, because they were your beginning. Whether it’s a mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife. All good things start there. If you mess them up hiyo ni yako si yake. The African society is so pro-men, yet women are the ones who do everything right for the society. If this country was run by a woman we will have a motherly President,” posed Maina Kageni.

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