Zari Hassan

‘I love you so much Mr M’ Zari praises her new bae – Photo

Its no longer a secret that Zari Hassan has moved on after her break up with Diamond Platnumz.She has found a new man and she is love struck.

The mother of five has been keeping her new man a secret but has been quick to flaunt his gifts to her on social media.

Well  she is still trying to grasp the fact that her man still finds her sexy at 38 and five kids to top it all.

I’ve been there before and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.Yea I am weak, I need to accept, Wana know why?

I give my all. I build my men, I’m not the type that takes, I’m the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double or triple the blessings.

Photos of Diamond Platnumz grown up kids with Zari and Hamisa Mobetto

Zari and her new man

With you I’ve learnt so much, I appreciate life itself because of your humbleness.

I always imagined my forever but didn’t have an idea what my forever looked like.

Diamond and Zari throw shade at each other in an online spat – Screenshots

She adds

5 kids, other guys etc but you still found me the sexiest woman alive. Wooooo ain’t I so blessed🙏.

I love you so much Mr M, it’s not the material things you shower me with, I’ve seen those and even bigger and better.

But, its you, your heart, your whole being and how you make me and my kids feel.

It takes alot of courage from YOU Mr M.. 5kids, 38, wow….. you Heaven sent babe, That said, I end here! I l you M😘

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