MC Jessy

You love her! Fans tell MC Jessy to hit on popular female entertainer

MC Jessy is one of the most popular comedians in the country. The man who got his big shot on Churchill Show is now a household name.

MC Jessy with Churchill
MC Jessy with Churchill

Anything he does is measured and his Instagram page is highly scrutinised. He recently posted an image of a woman that he had often been romantically linked with, Shix Kapienga.

Shix Kapienga and her friend Jacque Maribe
Shix Kapienga and her friend Jacque Maribe

The man had posted an image of Shix as she hosted the popular Citizen T.V show, 10 over 10 show. His caption read;

Always Proud of you My Lil Ghetto girl @shixkapienga 
Keep soaring high. You are never limited. I knew you would also hack @10/10 as your #ineos159challenge😜

Shix Kapienga
Shix Kapienga-The image that MC Jessy posted

That was all his 1.1 million followers needed to see as they started inundating him with encouragement to just hit on Shix; Something I am sure the deliberate and enterprising MC was well aware would happen.

MC Jessy
MC Jessy

Some of the best comments are below;

julie_sakong Jessy just go straight to the point bro…ata sisi watu wa ground tutaelewa tu
moses.muthaa Sema tu MY LOVE…😂
ombimavoh Mapenzi inakusumbua🤣🤣🤣 mwoga
ceaseresther Sema streit my pepi❤️
nimmoh_m16 Make it official once and for all…🔥🔥nikazurinaochicky’s profile picture
naochicky Mwambie tu unampenda… ❤️ @jessythemc na unakapendanga eeeh, 🤣🤣
gl.adys7593 Kapienga alikuweza 10 nil,mtoto dawa yako eeeeeish 🤣🤣🤣🤣fanya mambo Jessywanjiru
wanjiru.millicent jessy acha kuzunguka hapa sema ukweli wa ground
dave_gazling Sawa @jessythemc tumekusikia… Ukupenda roho utakula ata nyama mbichi😂😂😂

Kenyans don’t play around!

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