Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

Love lives here! Vanessa Mdee and lover Rotimi get matching tattoos (photo)

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee and her Rotimi have taken their love to a higher notch.
They are without a doubt some of the most inspiring and encouraging couples in Africa.
They have also been serving couple goals online on end with their many romantic instances.
Well, the couple have now gotten matching tattoos.
Vanessa and Rotimi also got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies and during an Instagram live session, the couple showed off their tattoos after the Power actor was requested by his fans to talk about his visibly new body ink.

“Guys so I got a new tattoo. Let me show you real quick. So we got Jesus and his shepherds. And then we got stairs leading to heaven. There’s an eagle and some clouds and I still got my lion, remember? So we got Jesus and the stairs, eagle and all. You like it? Y’all rock with it? I got a name here that is kind of lit too,” he said.

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Before showing off the name tattoo, Rotimi asked Vanessa to show off hers first as he wasn’t sure if she wanted it to be known. “When you show yours I’ll show mine,” said Rotimi. The visibly excited Tanzanian beauty joined the live stream and showed off her tattoo situated right below her collarbone. “Here we go, you love it? Here is his name, and we have a baby lion with it right there,” she said.

The latest tattoo is ”1045” on their arms but they have not said anything about it.

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