Size 8 with DJ Mo

Love Lives Here! DJ Mo and Size 8 vow to be faithful to each other

Size 8 and her husband are still vacationing in Mombasa and they seem to be so happy.

A cheating scandal recently rocked the couple’s marriage and they took some time off their busy schedules to work on their marriage.


DJ Mo has not appeared on his Sunday gospel show on NTV for two Sundays now and their reality show hasn’t been aired on the station as well.

The gospel power couple’s marriage is imperfect just like any other and while on a yacht, cruising in the Indian Ocean, the Mateke hit singer told her hubby that,

‘Babe I just want you to understand that I’ll always love you. I’ll always treasure you and I pray to be faithful to you always.’


Responding to her, DJ Mo said,

‘And I want to promise you that I’ll always protect you and always be there for you. I also promise to always cherish you and love you till death do us part.’

Size 8 went ahead to pour her heart out saying,

‘I pray to be the best helper you can ever have coz I’m in your life to make sure that you succeed. I pray to God to make me the best helper you’ll want and need just like the Holy Spirit helps us Christians….be the best helper to you as a wife.’


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