LOVE IS FOR ALL! Ladies, Nick Odhiambo Reveals His Top 5 VALENTINE Songs Of All Time

His deep voice on Classic 105 drives women crazy and there’s no doubt that Nick Odhiambo is one of the most sought after radio presenters in Kenya.

The media personality doesn’t just have one of the most unique voices in the industry, but also has a special sense of humor, is very vivacious, and in person, he’s always laughing and in good moods.

When you meet Nick Odhiambo, his physical appearance can be a bit intimidating, he’s very tall, heavily built and has signature dreadlocks that make him stand out from the crowd.


Looking at him, you would think he’s a stern guy until he makes a rib-cracking joke turning a gloomy mood into a warm, happy ambiance.

His bad boy demeanor makes many people think that the father of one is not such a romantic guy, but contrary to that, Nick Odhiambo is a hopeless romantic who also celebrates love on Valentines Day like any other person.

Can You Spot Classic 105’s Nick Odhiambo Before The Dreads? (Photo)

I caught up with the cheerful radio host to give us his list of all time love songs that he would listen to all day on Valentines Day, and boy is it very interesting and captivating.

Nick Odhiambo revealed to me his top five Valentine love songs, and being a lover’s day, he chose some of the biggest and most popular romantic songs from back in the day, though most of them are rap songs.


Interestingly, most of the songs come from veteran Hip-Hop artistes like Jay Z, Tupac and 50 Cent all of whom are some of the most celebrated rappers in the world, D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar and of course, Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes.

Ladies, want to impress Nick Odhiambo? Here are top 5 love songs that will impress him on Valentines Day, in no particular order.

1. Song Cry – Jay Z

2. Do For Love – Tupac

3. 21 Questions – 50cent

4. Brown Sugar – D’Angelo

5. Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes





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