‘We love compliments too’ Men reveal things they wish their baes would do

Men have taken to social media to share secrets about things they wish their wives would do for them. The confessions are mind blowing.

eDgAR says

Guys like to be complimented too. Nothing makes my day more than having someone compliment me about something random like my shoes.

wasnew4s adds

Boners don’t automatically mean arousal. That will never be said enough.

‘Expose us on CNN for being dead beats hatujali ‘ Brags Captain Kale

Just when you think you have heard enough Goobernut96 adds

Just because we’re in the shower for an abnormally long time doesn’t mean we’re jerking off. Guys like to have long hot showers too ya know.

Thadota77l7 concludes

Dudes can be crazy starved for touch. Generally if you wanna be there for your guy, scratch his head or like, his back.

Hold his hand, put your hand on his leg, do that thing where you guys lock arms/elbows when you walk.

When I’m frustrated or in my own world stressing about money or what I have to do later that day, it really brings me back and grounds me to enjoy the moment with my girl.

Take care of yo’ manz

Well as a man what is that one thing you wish you wish your woman would do for you? Put your answer in the comment section.

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