Moji Short Baba

‘Losing mom before I could take care of her was painful,’ Moji Short Baba

Gospel artiste James Muhia alias Moji Short Baba has opened up on the struggles he has gone through growing up among them being born to an underage mum.

Moji who was speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105 said,

My mum delivered me when she was only 16 years old .We were living in Mai Mahiu, Narok and thankfully my grandparents did not chase her away.

My grand mother had 8 kids so when my mum bore me my grandma took me in as her 9th child.

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Moji Short Baba
Moji Short Baba

Moji adds,

At some point the house we were living in was swept away by water. Then, on a different occasion there was an earthquake and it cracked so we had to shift and come to Nairobi.

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Moji adds that losing his mum before he was able to spoil her with his hard earned money was something that was heartwrenching.

Losing my mum was hard because I have two siblings. Her dying before I could take care of her was very painful. It was hard.

The burden was very heavy so I asked God to help get the load off me. 

Because if you try to think deep into some of these things (death) you can end up doing bad things.

Further more, I knew I had to be strong for my siblings.

Moji is known for his signature beard and pint-sized stature. He explained how he got the street moniker Moji Short Baba.

Growing up, one of the main things was that I was ridiculed for my height.

I actually grew a beard in high school and I was sent home so many times so that I could shave given that I was in a mixed school.

I decided to pick all those things together with my real name James Muhia and created the name.

Asked why he parted with Kelele Takatifu he says,

We came together in high school, after that we grew up and we started doing things differently.

As christian we decided to just go our separate ways. We keep in touch because we never parted in bad faith.

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